The company

Archimede Energia was established in 2002 and has developed solutions and applications within the context of Sustainable Mobility (development and production of ÆnerBox® Lithium Polymer batteries for traction and services for two, three or four-wheeled vehicles; powertrains for two, three or four-wheeled vehicles), Energy Conservation in the Building Industry through energy storage solutions combined with  solar and wind power systems and Navigation (development and production of Lithium Polymer batteries for traction and services for boats).

Archimede Energia has developed advanced electrical and electronic expertise within the field of Sustainable Mobility that has enabled it to industrialise ÆnerBox® high energy density batteries, both in standard formats and in formats designed to customer specifications, and power-trains for electric traction.

Within the field of Energy Conservation in the building industry, Archimede Energia has developed expertise for the creation of storage systems for civil, industrial and tertiary buildings.

Within the field of Navigation, Archimede Energia has developed ÆnerBox® batteries for electric and hybrid traction and ÆnerBox® service batteries to be fitted in integrated electrical systems.

Thanks to the expertise it has developed, Archimede Energia participates in important research and development projects on the subjects of energy efficiency and sustainable mobility, on both a national and international level, which involve a number of high profile partners.