Renewable storage



Storing electric power produced from renewable sources so it can be used when we need it is one of the greatest challenges of our times.

Renewable sources are often unpredictable: consider solar power, which is only produced during the day when there is sunlight, or wind power, which is only produced when there is wind. However there is a solution to this problem and it consists of storing the energy produced in a storage system so it can be supplied when needed. Our batteries are ideally suited to this task: high performance, maximum reliability and long duration: these are the characteristics that make this product ideal for the storage of energy produced from renewable sources.

Archimede Energia lithium batteries can be used:

  • For isolated systems (off-grid): production and storage systems equipped with our batteries can be used in places without access to electric power.
  • For connected systems: increasing self-consumption is an important objective in optimising our savings and energy independence.

Producing energy by day using solar power, storing the power and using it in the hours when there is no sunlight is now a viable objective thanks to the new intelligent inverters and batteries from Archimede Energia.