Sustainable navigation


With the support of qualified partners, Archimede Energia has developed innovative and efficient systems for the management of energy on board sailing and motor vessels used for both recreational and professional purposes. 

More specifically, Archimede Energia has created various versions of the Ænerbox® batteries within the context of navigation, for various electric or hybrid traction applications and for the supply of power to on-board services. 

Within the context of traction applications, Archimede Energia has developed Ænerbox® batteries and powertrains specifically for hybrid diesel-electric traction with thermal units from 10 kW to 240 kW, combined with electric units from 5 to 50 kW, and Ænerbox® batteries and pure electric powertrains with power ratings from 5 kW to 70 kW. 

Within the context of applications for the supply of power to on-board services, Archimede Energia, together with a leading company in the field of nautical and civil electrical systems, has developed Ænerbox® batteries and related control systems equipped with touchscreen monitors, with flexible solutions. The benefits of using Ænerbox® batteries in the field of navigation are reductions in weight and volume (up to 70%), duration (up to 2000 complete recharging cycles), safety and reliability (warranty of up to five years) and flexibility of use and installation.