Choosing a flexible and safe technology such as lithium is the fundamental importance in the field of automated logistics. These automated warehouses require reliable, fast, and quality technologies such as AGV.

The AGV – autonomous guided vehicle – are used in the industrial environment to move products inside a facility, in hospitals for optimal use of resources.

The use of lithium battery inside vehicles has imposed itself to the traditional battery instead by the advantages:

• Low maintenance costs
• High energy efficiency
• High number cycles recharge
• Fast charging at high current
• Partial charges
• Less weight and size
• Battery status traceability
These features allow vehicles to cope with market demands that require them to serve industries with high fleet utilization.
Oppent, an Italian company leader in the sector of autonomous vehicles, addresses to health-care and industrial sectors with systems and technologies aimed at rationalizing and optimizing logistics flows.
From the synergy between Archimede Energia and Oppent teams, a solution is created that guarantees greater energy efficiency, integrated with the charging stations, which uses wireless communication to optimize charging operations.