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Archimede and Studer for “Enercubo” Tecnogen hybrid generator 

A sustainable choise: Enercubo – The power of silence

Enercubo is the Ultra-Silente series of  TecnoGen’s hybrid generators, equipped with lithium batteries, Stage V (or Tier IV Final) engine, and photovoltaic panels (available as options).

Archimede Energia’s lithium batteries, model PJO-400-150-TDA, have been chosen for the their main charateristics: high performance and a high number of recharge cycles.

The generators is ultra-silent in electric mode, using the batteries energy. This product is the perfect solution for the generation of energy in urban places with high population density (construction sites, events, etc.), where noise pollution must be as low as possible.

The BMS (Battery Management System) developed by Archimede Energia and integrated into the accumulators allowed the exchange of information between the batteries and other components, such as solar chargers and inverters, and it allowed also the control and monitoring of the batteries.

The inverters installed were designed by Studer Innotec SA on the basis of Tecnogen’s specific requests. Studer is a Swiss company that develops and manufactures inverters, inverters / chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers. The products are customized to meet the different energy needs that always differ from one application to another.