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Today Archimede Energia can boast a great record! The company, which is part of HB4, is the first in Italy to have obtained the TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE, from Bureau Veritas, for its lithium accumulators, essential to guarantee electric navigation, with the highest standard of safety. The important result was achieved thanks to the tests carried out in the Cevlab laboratories, which also followed the entire legislative process which led to the certification, obtained with decidedly excellent results, thanks to the excellent quality of the Archimede batteries.

Thanks to this certification, a first hybrid vessel for the transport and collection of urban waste, the San Marco, built by Cantieri Morri of Bellaria and departing for Venice where it will take up service, and two boats for the transport people, one hybrid and one fully electric, which will come into operation at the port of Rimini.

The San Marco is 11,20 meters long and 2,41 meters wide powered by two 54-kilowatt electric thrusters, built by the US multinational Parker Hannifin, which also manufactures aerospace components for NASA.

One thing is certain: the new decade will be marked by electric propulsion and also the boat market is increasingly oriented towards solutions with a lower environmental impact, therefore the commitment and investment supported by Archimede Energia in this emerging sector, it will bring excellent results