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Companies with older lead-acid AGVs are losing a huge source of potential as vehicles spend wasted hours at charging stations, unnecessarily taking up valuable space in charging areas. Leveraging non-contact inductive energy transfer, state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology, and comprehensive data acquisition make logistics processes more efficient, intelligent, and economical, taking logistics to the next level. The small size allows charging points to be distributed in any area, allowing opportunity charging to be leveraged. It will be possible to eliminate charging zones and optimize battery usage by improving battery life. The absence of mechanical charging contacts makes it easier to integrate the battery into existing processes and thus eliminate the potential hazards of open contacts.

These innovative systems consist of a Charging-pad(02) connected to a Wallbox(01) and a lightweight in-vehicle Charging unit (03) that eliminate the use of expensive cables, connectors, and contactors, reducing maintenance costs. Transmitter and receiver sections communicate wirelessly and communication with the vehicle is via CAN bus.

Archimede Energia, always focused on new technologies, is working together with the major players that produce wireless charging systems, with the aim of creating fully integrated products for safe, highly reliable, and programmable charging of any high-efficiency lithium battery AENERBOX.

This mix of companies includes an Italian company like Enermove and two others established worldwide: Wiferion and IPT Technology. Currently available on the market are the etaLink3000 chargers by Wiferion (60A for 24V~48V), the custom solutions by Enermove, which proposes dynamic and occasional static charging systems, where charging takes place occasionally according to the operator’s needs, without the need for the vehicle to lay idle until the end of the charging process, and, for higher voltages, the 100kW systems with voltages ranging from 400V to 600V produced by IPT Technology. Wireless charging enters the world of AGVs, LVGs, and ForkLifts, creating a range of solutions for any application type.